Beyond the Veil Tarot Retreat in October

While summer is definitely heating up in the Pacific Northwest, our inner witches can't help but look forward to Fall! We love the feeling of change and transition that Fall brings each year as nature descends to the Underground and the SEASON OF THE WITCH begins! 

We are especially excited for our upcoming BEYOND THE VEIL TAROT RETREAT, which while take place October 13th-15th. Check out this link for more information & enroll! Spots are limited to 10, and are already filling up! Hope to see you there, goddesses!

The Aim, The Best That Can Be Hoped For: The Magician

It's no mystery that the tarot provides a deep well of inspiration for artists, poets, and everyday dreamers. Its rich depiction of universal symbols, metaphors, and allegories provides endless poetic discoveries. Over the next few posts, I would like to share with you lovely readers and seekers excerpts of poetry by Marge Piercy, first published in New: American and Canadian Poetry, Fall of 1972. This extremely rare journal published a collection of her poems inspired directly from tarot. I am happy to share with you some of my favorite excerpts, enjoy! -Alana



Fusion is miracle and there is no other way, it is necessary.

Every new age is unbelievable beforehand and after, inevitable.

History is a game played backwards only.

I fling my eyes into the maw of the sun.

With all our strength, we thrust into fierce light.

We are yearning like frogs bulging our throats in the

 spring marsh

And croaking harsh and ridiculous spasms of hope.

I tell you, roses want to bloom out of the wood,

The goodness in people wants to break free of the blind ego.

Birth is a miracle in every germinating seed.

Tarot School 101 : The Foundations of Tarot

We are still radiating amazing energy a week after our first Tarot School gathering in beautiful Astoria, Oregon! Thank you to the dedicated group of individuals who showed up and dove deep into our study. Suzy and I covered a lot of information in our first meeting, and we can't wait to get back to class in April! Here's some highlights from our first session we would love to share:

  • Uncovering Tarot Myths...everything from "tarot was invented by the Egyptians" to "never buy your own deck", we debunked them all. 
  • Best practices reading for yourself and others. We launched right in on how to approach tarot reading from the ground up with grace and confidence. 
  • Tarot history, the real deal! I have a passion for art history and crazy research skills (thank you master's degree) and it has been a pet project over the years to create a historically accurate timeline to trace the origins and evolution of tarot, which is indispensable for understanding the underlying themes. It is exciting to share this information and make all the connections through tarot to art, literature, history, and cultural anthropology. 
  • Intuition exercises to add depth and meaning to your interpretation of the cards. We led the group through two powerful activities to tune in to one's tarot deck and begin receiving information beyond what could be read in any book. 
  • Tarot Journaling! Yes, our students received homework! There is no other way to become adept at reading the tarot than by doing it.  We are excited to see what insight and progress will be made over the course of the month! 

And it was wonderful to connect over a delicious dinner and conversation at Street 14 cafe, which provided a welcome resurgence of energy for the "practicum" part of the evening. 

Interested in taking your tarot reading skills to the next level? Stay tuned as we will announce enrollment dates for our next session of Tarot School later this spring! It is a joy to connect with other like-minded souls, and mystical Astoria provides the perfect backdrop for our exploration. Tarot School is an intentionally designed, four-part series that will transform your relationship with tarot and make the "guidebook" obsolete. To stay in the loop with upcoming classes and workshops, check out Chariot's website for more information! 

Hellbound + Spellbound, 


Witch School Series Presents: Tarot School

Join us this March as we launch TAROT SCHOOL!  This is a 4-part series that dives deep into the power and mystery of tarot. This project has been a dream years in the making, and we are beyond excited to share our experience with you. We will work to develop and integrate your intuitive and psychic abilities into your readings, as well as build your knowledge and background of the cards. We will dispel the myths around tarot, and teach you ways in which to make this ancient art your own.  Each participant will receive powerful resource materials to help guide and continue the journey. Sign up for one or all of the classes on Chariot Home or send us a message! 

Witch School Series Presents: Moon Ritual Gathering October 1st

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of our first session of Witch School Series, with an evening of magical study and inspiration in dreamy Astoria, Oregon. A select group of 11 ladies will learn about the inherent power within their astrological moon signs, illuminate connections through tarot, and weave lasting results through an engaging ritual. Delicious cocktails, workshop materials, and personal astrological chart readings are included.

Come join us in harnessing the energies of the New Moon in Libra, and kick off this new Fall Season. We will take an in-depth look at our own personal moons, and how we can best utilize the powers of our unique moon signs in our daily lives. In astrology, our moons represent our hearts + souls, and what we value most. Our goal is to help unwrap the mysteries of your moon and manifest it’s greatest potential. This class is open to ladies of all experience and curiosity. 


Reserve your spot here, and join us for an inspiring and enlightening evening! 

Saturday Launch Party: Animal Spirit + The Wild Unknown


We at Psychic Siamese Terror are super excited to be a part of the launch of this new beautiful deck "Animal Spirit" by The Wild Unknown.  We will be using this brand new oracle deck throughout the evening, and giving short readings to tell you which animal spirit is speaking to you and other meaningful insights. Stop by for a fun and magical evening this Saturday and get in touch with your 'wild' side. XO

Hellbound + Spellbound,


Happy New Year + Vernal Equinox



Happy belated Spring! When we moved into Spring on March 20th, we also moved into the sun phase of Aries. This marks the new year of the Astrological calendar, and marks a time of renewal, rebirth, and fresh new beginnings. I find that this time of year is always exciting. This Aries energy gives me a lot of vitality and excitement in my life, and speaks to my fiery Aries Moon. I've noticed that this time of year also marks a time of big transitions for many people. There could be a certain amount of fear in moving forward with a plan, because this is still so much unknown and unsettled. But have faith that this Aries energy is pushing you forward to exactly where you need to be. Be brave and have courage! 

And if you are seeking guidance on how to move forward this Spring Time, we are here to assist you. 

Hellbound + Spellbound,


Full Moon in Leo & a message from David Bowie

Happy full moon in the glorious sign of Leo! This looks to be a very happy full moon, and one that may bring some gifts and joy today.


Our friend David Bowie had his moon in the sign of sparkly Leo, which we've blogged about in the past. The sun recently left industrious Capricorn and has entered  forward-thinking Aquarius. During this Capricorn phase, many people felt some heaviness and serious transformations -- including Bowie who had a Capricorn sun. I feel this Leo moon is perhaps a message from him that he is doing great, and he is onto his next phase of dazzling existence!

This full moon is giving us permission to shrug off our duties for a moment, and to do something fun. Find something joyful to do this weekend. The more creative and expressive, the better. Fight the urge to be serious, and allow yourself to play. Connect with your inner Leo, or perhaps David Bowie I should say...

Hellbound + Spellbound,



Merry Winter Solstice

Merry Winter Solstice! 

I'm taking a moment to honor this passage into the Winter season. I have to say, this December has felt especially dreary this year to me at times. It's now the rainiest December on record, in our Pacific Northwest region, and it's starting to feel like it will never ever stop raining. But today marks the beginning of more light entering our lives. From now on, the days will be filled with just a little more day light -- A little more brightness. 

This time of year, symbolically, is all about shedding the old and bringing in the new. We are leaving behind the fall season and bringing in a new year. This makes it a great time to think about what is necessary to release and let go of in order to reach future goals.

In just a few days, we have a lovely full moon in Cancer this Christmas, which signifies reaching a culmination of some kind. The aspects are especially lovely with this moon, so the feelings it produces should be deep but very positive. Make sure to spend time with those you love -- and let them know how much you love 'em! 


Spellbound + Hellbound,


Astrology, Health, & Wellness

 Illuminated manuscript from 1401

Illuminated manuscript from 1401

Since ancient times, astrologers have looked to the skies to seek guidance and illuminate the sometimes mysterious nature of illness. Modern science supports this direct connection to the time of the year in which  one is born to pre-disposed illness, and the art of astrology allows us to understand the stressors that aggravate each sign, and it is known that stress is the underlying cause of many illnesses. 

The medieval and renaissance worlds looked to the sixth house of the astrological chart, the natural house of Virgo, for the "Judgment of Sickness."  During this time, the 6th house was known as the house of "Sickness, Servants, & Small Cattle." LOL. 

According to the celebrated English astrologer William Lilly, when using astrology in the realm of health, consider:

First, the Ascendant, what Planet or Planets are therein placed. Secondly, the sixth house, and what Planet or Planets are therein placed. Thirdly, the Sign and House wherein the Moon is. Fourthly, how she (Moon) is affected or afflicted, by what Planet, n what house that Planet is, what house of the Figure that Planet is Lord of.

So, according to Lilly, an awareness of one's rising sign, the nature of the planets in the 1st house, and Moon sign are especially advantageous for the identification, prevention, & cure of disease. 

Here are two fascinating charts outlining the connection between the zodiac and common ailments.  First, read your rising sign. Secondly, consult your moon sign. Based on my research, I would also consult the sign that naturally rules the house the sun is in for the natal chart. (For instance, a 2nd house sun would consult Taurus, for a "3rd opinion". This is especially true for the years from birth to 25).  Together they paint a portrait of common health problems through the zodiac. Fortunately,  many of these ailments can be easily balanced through further knowledge and study of art of astrology. 

Here's to your health!


Diseases signified by the Signs - Christian Astrology by William Lilly ( 1647)

Aries- All Diseases incident to the Head and such as proceed or have origin from Choler, Small pox, Pushes, Pimples. 

Taurus- Diseases in the Neck & Throat, having their beginning from Melancholy. 

Gemini- Shoulders, Arms, Hands, proceeding from Blood distempered. 

Cancer- Scabbiness, Cancers in the Breast, Hurts in the Breast, ill Digestion in the Stomach, Spleen, Lungs, Upper part of the Belly, Cold and Moisture being the cause. 

Leo- Backbone, Sides, Ribs, Heart, lower part of the Breast, such infirmities as proceed from Choler and excess of Blood. 

Virgo- Shows Melancholy, Diseases in the guts, and bellyaches, Fluxes. 

Libra-Great Heats in the back, or the Stone in the Kidneys, Surfeits by drinking or eating, Diseases in the Buttocks, Joints, Hams, and Haunches. 

Scorpio- The Groin and parts about the privy Members, the Arse, Bladder, Piles, Stone in the Bladder, Strangury. 

Sagittarius- The Hips, Hams, Buttocks, Fistulas, Itches, Sciaticas

Capricorn- The Knees, back part of the Hams, Scurfs, and Itches in and about the Knees, proceeding of Melancholy. 

Aquarius- The legs, Shinbone and Calves of the Legs, with the Ankles. 

Pisces- The Anklebone and Feet, Gouts, Swellings in those parts. 


Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity, Moves into Virgo August 11th

A Jupiter transit is my favorite kind of transit! Aside from being my natal chart ruler, Jupiter represents joy & optimism, considered the greatest of deities, king of gods and mankind. It was his hand that wielded lightning bolts and guided the stars. His greatness comes from his size: eleven times as large as earth, and burns a beautiful bright golden hue in the evening sky. 

Jupiter's orbit around the sun takes twelve years, and this year makes a grand entrance into the earth sign of Virgo. Due to his massive size and speed, Jupiter remains in some signs longer than others, but will be in Virgo for one just over a year, until September 9th, 2016.

Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and its natural house is the 9th house. It is considered  masculine & positive, and symbolizes the personality that has risen above matter and is no longer confined by it. Positive keywords for Jupiter are expansion, opportunity, understanding, optimism, and enthusiasm. The planet's shadow side: extravagance, bigotry, indulgence, fanaticism, smugness. Jupiter in Virgo is considered practical, cautious, intellectual, with a desire for expansion in the field of knowledge and technical skill. God is in the details in Virgo; this can be a joyful time where we are rewarded for our hard work, organization, and service to others. Jupiter will transform what was once routine into an expression of happiness and delight! 

Wherever Jupiter is found in the natal chart, there is a need and opportunity for expansion, and where one finds fulfillment. Aspects from the natal Jupiter indicate that something "expansive" wants to happen. It is up to the individual to use it or reject it. This is also an area we need to cultivate "faith",  or perhaps called to take a leap of faith.

The house in which Jupiter is transiting in your chart this year shows where you may encounter many blessings and a streak of good fortune. Jupiter is considered the "Greater Benefic" (Venus the "lesser") and where he touches our chart in transit, we will be surprised by a serendipitous stroke of good luck,  and unlike the gifts of Saturn, we do not need to toil and suffer for some great reward, but simply have faith, optimism, and gratitude and the gifts of the Universe shall emerge as if by magic.




New Moon in Aries


Yes, it's a brand new moon today in the fiery sign of Aries. You may be feeling braver and extra inspired to start new projects, a new exercise routine, or stop denying something close to your heart. Take the bull by the horns, or ram rather, and harness your creative vision to take some steps towards a goal. With a new moon, we may not know where this sudden surge of energy will take us in the end, but it can be important to do SOMETHING to get the ball rolling. Aries is not a patient sign after all, and hates to wait for approval from others before acting. 

Hellbound + Spellbound,



Let Me Play the Lion Too: Full Moon in Leo February 2015

 Starman David Bowie's natal moon is the fiery, theatrical sign of Leo.

Starman David Bowie's natal moon is the fiery, theatrical sign of Leo.

“Let me play the lion too: I will roar that I will do any man's heart good to hear me. I will roar that I will make the duke say 'Let him roar again, let him roar again.”  -William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

The full moon this February falls in the noble fire sign of Leo, conjunct the great benefic of the sky, Jupiter. This lunar event marks the culmination of what was begun 6 months ago, under the Leo new moon, and is especially auspicious in the realms of creativity, leadership, theatrics, and PLAY! Leo rules children, adventure, and risk-taking, so experimentation may be a theme right now. Considering doing something different, off-the wall, or a little crazy? I dare you to try it and see what happens! The Leo moon reminds us that life is an experiment. We won't get everything right, but we at least we can say we had fun! 

Leo figures heavy in the astrological charts of performers, actors, and natural-born leaders, whether it's the sun, moon, or rising sign. It's easy to spot a Leo: generous, dignified, dramatic, loyal, ambitious, courageous, and THAT HAIR.  Tomorrow's full moon is an invitation to harness those star qualities, and like a young, dreamy starlet set your sights on HOLLYWOOD. During this time, put creative energy into your environment and be encouraging and supportive of the creative endeavors of others. If you are facing a challenge, keep calm and BEYONCE, like a true lioness! Try to find the humor where your are; let yourself laugh at the absurdity of it all!  The moon in Leo encourages us to be brave, joyful, dramatic, and enthusiastic about life.   Allow yourself to create a little theater of your own. 



Full Moon Worm Gathering Workshop

We have been hoping to be a part of an event as special as this one for a long time coming, and now it has finally arrived! Psychic Siamese Terror is co-hosting the March Full Moon gathering at the Sou' Wester. We are honored and so excited to be a part of this bad ass group of women. 

Check out this link if you are interested in joining us this March or in the future.