New Moon in Leo


There is a new moon in Leo today, and I have a really good feeling about this one! This is in fact a very glorious time for Leo. The bright Sun, generous Jupiter and the Moon are all currently in mighty sign of Leo. New moons always indicate a new cycle, project or the start of a new phase in life. The energy of Leo lives in the heart Chakra. Leo is concerned with all things we hold dear to our heart, including creative projects, children, and of course passion for our lovers. :) 

This New Moon reading, pictured above, does indeed show bounds of passion in that clever Devil card. The central issue, however, is that of creating long term stability through our passions. What passions can we support in our lives that are sustaining and long term? It appears a lot of important and difficult changes have already occurred in the recent past, and the groundwork has been laid for this new phase. Now is the time to use your creative vision to create the future you desire, with the aid of your current partners, friends, coworkers etc... whatever applies to you. When you have the support you need, the risks are no longer anything to fear. 


Hellbound + Spellbound,