Blame it on Mercury.

October is near, and so is the next Mercury Retrograde cycle. The actual date is October 4th, but the energies are already beginning to be felt.

Ever wonder what it means when someone has a mishap and asks "Is Mercury retrograde or something...?" Well a few times a year, Mercury is actually perceived to go backwards in the sky. More info here:

Mercury rules thought, intelligence, technology and communication. When Mercury goes retrograde, all of these things in our lives tend to go a bit awry. For some reason when I scheduled my vacation to the East Coast, I was not checking to see what Mercury was up to! Just now I heard about a fire at the Chicago airport, and Mercury is notorious for causing delays in travel. Hoping my travels aren't too affected...

It's not all bad, however. Retrograde cycles often allow us to take a break and regroup. Often there are opportunities to reunite with old friends and dear loved ones. I will be spending next week with my family in Florida under the glorious Libra sun. But if anything goes bad, you can bet I'm blaming it on Mercury. 

Hellbound + Spellbound,