Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity, Moves into Virgo August 11th

A Jupiter transit is my favorite kind of transit! Aside from being my natal chart ruler, Jupiter represents joy & optimism, considered the greatest of deities, king of gods and mankind. It was his hand that wielded lightning bolts and guided the stars. His greatness comes from his size: eleven times as large as earth, and burns a beautiful bright golden hue in the evening sky. 

Jupiter's orbit around the sun takes twelve years, and this year makes a grand entrance into the earth sign of Virgo. Due to his massive size and speed, Jupiter remains in some signs longer than others, but will be in Virgo for one just over a year, until September 9th, 2016.

Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and its natural house is the 9th house. It is considered  masculine & positive, and symbolizes the personality that has risen above matter and is no longer confined by it. Positive keywords for Jupiter are expansion, opportunity, understanding, optimism, and enthusiasm. The planet's shadow side: extravagance, bigotry, indulgence, fanaticism, smugness. Jupiter in Virgo is considered practical, cautious, intellectual, with a desire for expansion in the field of knowledge and technical skill. God is in the details in Virgo; this can be a joyful time where we are rewarded for our hard work, organization, and service to others. Jupiter will transform what was once routine into an expression of happiness and delight! 

Wherever Jupiter is found in the natal chart, there is a need and opportunity for expansion, and where one finds fulfillment. Aspects from the natal Jupiter indicate that something "expansive" wants to happen. It is up to the individual to use it or reject it. This is also an area we need to cultivate "faith",  or perhaps called to take a leap of faith.

The house in which Jupiter is transiting in your chart this year shows where you may encounter many blessings and a streak of good fortune. Jupiter is considered the "Greater Benefic" (Venus the "lesser") and where he touches our chart in transit, we will be surprised by a serendipitous stroke of good luck,  and unlike the gifts of Saturn, we do not need to toil and suffer for some great reward, but simply have faith, optimism, and gratitude and the gifts of the Universe shall emerge as if by magic.