Astrology, Health, & Wellness

 Illuminated manuscript from 1401

Illuminated manuscript from 1401

Since ancient times, astrologers have looked to the skies to seek guidance and illuminate the sometimes mysterious nature of illness. Modern science supports this direct connection to the time of the year in which  one is born to pre-disposed illness, and the art of astrology allows us to understand the stressors that aggravate each sign, and it is known that stress is the underlying cause of many illnesses. 

The medieval and renaissance worlds looked to the sixth house of the astrological chart, the natural house of Virgo, for the "Judgment of Sickness."  During this time, the 6th house was known as the house of "Sickness, Servants, & Small Cattle." LOL. 

According to the celebrated English astrologer William Lilly, when using astrology in the realm of health, consider:

First, the Ascendant, what Planet or Planets are therein placed. Secondly, the sixth house, and what Planet or Planets are therein placed. Thirdly, the Sign and House wherein the Moon is. Fourthly, how she (Moon) is affected or afflicted, by what Planet, n what house that Planet is, what house of the Figure that Planet is Lord of.

So, according to Lilly, an awareness of one's rising sign, the nature of the planets in the 1st house, and Moon sign are especially advantageous for the identification, prevention, & cure of disease. 

Here are two fascinating charts outlining the connection between the zodiac and common ailments.  First, read your rising sign. Secondly, consult your moon sign. Based on my research, I would also consult the sign that naturally rules the house the sun is in for the natal chart. (For instance, a 2nd house sun would consult Taurus, for a "3rd opinion". This is especially true for the years from birth to 25).  Together they paint a portrait of common health problems through the zodiac. Fortunately,  many of these ailments can be easily balanced through further knowledge and study of art of astrology. 

Here's to your health!


Diseases signified by the Signs - Christian Astrology by William Lilly ( 1647)

Aries- All Diseases incident to the Head and such as proceed or have origin from Choler, Small pox, Pushes, Pimples. 

Taurus- Diseases in the Neck & Throat, having their beginning from Melancholy. 

Gemini- Shoulders, Arms, Hands, proceeding from Blood distempered. 

Cancer- Scabbiness, Cancers in the Breast, Hurts in the Breast, ill Digestion in the Stomach, Spleen, Lungs, Upper part of the Belly, Cold and Moisture being the cause. 

Leo- Backbone, Sides, Ribs, Heart, lower part of the Breast, such infirmities as proceed from Choler and excess of Blood. 

Virgo- Shows Melancholy, Diseases in the guts, and bellyaches, Fluxes. 

Libra-Great Heats in the back, or the Stone in the Kidneys, Surfeits by drinking or eating, Diseases in the Buttocks, Joints, Hams, and Haunches. 

Scorpio- The Groin and parts about the privy Members, the Arse, Bladder, Piles, Stone in the Bladder, Strangury. 

Sagittarius- The Hips, Hams, Buttocks, Fistulas, Itches, Sciaticas

Capricorn- The Knees, back part of the Hams, Scurfs, and Itches in and about the Knees, proceeding of Melancholy. 

Aquarius- The legs, Shinbone and Calves of the Legs, with the Ankles. 

Pisces- The Anklebone and Feet, Gouts, Swellings in those parts.