Full Moon in Leo & a message from David Bowie

Happy full moon in the glorious sign of Leo! This looks to be a very happy full moon, and one that may bring some gifts and joy today.


Our friend David Bowie had his moon in the sign of sparkly Leo, which we've blogged about in the past. The sun recently left industrious Capricorn and has entered  forward-thinking Aquarius. During this Capricorn phase, many people felt some heaviness and serious transformations -- including Bowie who had a Capricorn sun. I feel this Leo moon is perhaps a message from him that he is doing great, and he is onto his next phase of dazzling existence!

This full moon is giving us permission to shrug off our duties for a moment, and to do something fun. Find something joyful to do this weekend. The more creative and expressive, the better. Fight the urge to be serious, and allow yourself to play. Connect with your inner Leo, or perhaps David Bowie I should say...

Hellbound + Spellbound,