Happy New Year + Vernal Equinox



Happy belated Spring! When we moved into Spring on March 20th, we also moved into the sun phase of Aries. This marks the new year of the Astrological calendar, and marks a time of renewal, rebirth, and fresh new beginnings. I find that this time of year is always exciting. This Aries energy gives me a lot of vitality and excitement in my life, and speaks to my fiery Aries Moon. I've noticed that this time of year also marks a time of big transitions for many people. There could be a certain amount of fear in moving forward with a plan, because this is still so much unknown and unsettled. But have faith that this Aries energy is pushing you forward to exactly where you need to be. Be brave and have courage! 

And if you are seeking guidance on how to move forward this Spring Time, we are here to assist you. 

Hellbound + Spellbound,