Tarot School 101 : The Foundations of Tarot

We are still radiating amazing energy a week after our first Tarot School gathering in beautiful Astoria, Oregon! Thank you to the dedicated group of individuals who showed up and dove deep into our study. Suzy and I covered a lot of information in our first meeting, and we can't wait to get back to class in April! Here's some highlights from our first session we would love to share:

  • Uncovering Tarot Myths...everything from "tarot was invented by the Egyptians" to "never buy your own deck", we debunked them all. 
  • Best practices reading for yourself and others. We launched right in on how to approach tarot reading from the ground up with grace and confidence. 
  • Tarot history, the real deal! I have a passion for art history and crazy research skills (thank you master's degree) and it has been a pet project over the years to create a historically accurate timeline to trace the origins and evolution of tarot, which is indispensable for understanding the underlying themes. It is exciting to share this information and make all the connections through tarot to art, literature, history, and cultural anthropology. 
  • Intuition exercises to add depth and meaning to your interpretation of the cards. We led the group through two powerful activities to tune in to one's tarot deck and begin receiving information beyond what could be read in any book. 
  • Tarot Journaling! Yes, our students received homework! There is no other way to become adept at reading the tarot than by doing it.  We are excited to see what insight and progress will be made over the course of the month! 

And it was wonderful to connect over a delicious dinner and conversation at Street 14 cafe, which provided a welcome resurgence of energy for the "practicum" part of the evening. 

Interested in taking your tarot reading skills to the next level? Stay tuned as we will announce enrollment dates for our next session of Tarot School later this spring! It is a joy to connect with other like-minded souls, and mystical Astoria provides the perfect backdrop for our exploration. Tarot School is an intentionally designed, four-part series that will transform your relationship with tarot and make the "guidebook" obsolete. To stay in the loop with upcoming classes and workshops, check out Chariot's website for more information! 

Hellbound + Spellbound,