Individual Tarot Readings

Meet with either Alana or Suzy for an hour of intuitive guidance and insight through the divine art of tarot. You may split the hour with a friend for two 30 minute sessions, just let us know when scheduling. Readings may also be over the phone, or via Skype. Within the hour, we will look into 2 to 3 areas of your life, and answer any questions you may have. We will also provide you with a 3-6 month outlook, and help direct your energy in the most fulfilling way. Many types of readings are available, including: relationship, health, discerning between options, career/financial, and past life. 


$70 hour over phone or Skype.

$80 hour in person.

$70 hour for our valued return clients.

$40 1/2-hour in person.

$35 1/2-hour over phone or Skype. 

School of Tarot 

We are now offering private group classes on the teachings of the Tarot and much more. Learn the mysteries of the major and minor arcanas! We offer a series of classes that begin with the basics of learning the Tarot to ending with an advanced knowledge. You will come away with a better understanding of not only the meanings of the individual cards, but the rich history behind them and how to apply the teachings to modern day living. This is perfect for those brand new to the Tarot or those with more advanced experience. Skype tarot classes available for those outside the Portland area. Inquire for details.

Group workshop rates vary -- Please inquire.

$70/ hour individual tutoring. 


Tarot & Astrology Combined

Through a unique melding of tarot and astrology, we  look deeply into your personality and the energy patterns present in your life. The astrological birth chart provides the guiding map, and tarot supplies the details of the past, present, and future. Your exact birth date, time, and place are needed to draw up your chart.


$80/ hour over phone or Skype.

$90/ hour in person session.

$80/ hour for our valued return clients. 



Through the positions of the planets through the zodiac and houses at the moment of one’s birth, we discern the inner workings of one’s life, and provide guidance towards their highest potential to make life shine with meaning and purpose. We can help direct you through life’s challenges and opportunities, through an emphasis on your gifts and talents. Through the study of transiting planets through your chart, we help you navigate the planetary energies as they change. The birth chart also provides a wealth of information about the soul’s greater journey, and through evolutionary astrology we  provide insight into past life influences that direct your experience in the present.

Readings available: Guidance through the birth chart, solar return (best around time of birthday for a year outlook), and past life evolutionary astrology.

$60 natal astrological chart emailed to you along with a quick description of key aspects of the planets.

$80/ hour over phone or Skype.

$90/ hour in person chart session.

$80/ hour for our valued return clients.